State of the art surfboard design software - Precision CNC machining
There are primarily two competing surfboard design programs available and I have trained myself to use both. Both programs give the designer (shaper) total dimensional control and both can be used to replicate existing boards. I took the time to learn both programs to be sure that my supply chain stays redundant and reliable.
There are many competing CNC machines on the market and of course, every manufacturer claims to be the best. Some of the newer machines cut with a grinding wheel, while the more traditional machines cut with a spindle type router bit. The latest and greatest machines are 5 axis, meaning that in addition to up-down, left-right and front-back motion, the blank also rotates about the stringer. In every case the cut blank must be finish shaped and I find the end result to be near equal. That being said I work with a variety of machine owners to keep my supply chain fluid.
Surfboard replication is achieved by taking several hundred measurements (mapping) and photos of an original board. Both the photos and the measurements are then used together to recreate the original board. To nail a replica spot on using this method takes several hours. I personally prefer this method to scanning because a scan takes in all of the boards surface flaws, such as pressure dings. This is an important difference because a magic board that has been ridden cannot be replicated by scanning, but can be replicated through mapping and photos. I offer replication services to both individual surfers and shapers.
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