State of the art surfboard design software - Precision CNC machining
Surfboard fishing is a great way to catch fish, whether line fishing, free diving or hoop netting. Fishing from a board allows the angler access to inshore areas and thick kelp beds where boats can’t reach, plus there is no engine noise to scare the fish away. My fishing boards are stealth, lightweight (12-15 lbs), stable, fully outfitted, durable and about half the price of a kayak. The basic fishing board I offer is 8’-6”x24”x3.5” and includes the following features.
  • 6 front end tie downs
  • 2 rear end tie downs
  • 1 rear end trolling rod mount
  • 1 front end rod mount
  • 1 mid section (fish on line) shallow rod mount
  • Kelp camouflage bottom color
  • White deck color with 12”, 15”, 22” and 28” marks
  • Additional
  • Built in dive plate
  • Extra tie downs
  • Dual rear end or front end rod mounts
  • Custom colors
  • Spear gun mount
  • Southern California | (310) 897-7535 | emailbhop@yahoo.com