State of the art surfboard design software - Precision CNC machining
I use CAD software to design custom surfboards and replicate magic boards. Every board I manufacture is precision cut by a CNC machine. I prefer this approach to traditional hand shaping because I can control all aspects of the design very accurately (within 1mm) and the process is repeatable. Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, I focus on replicating proven designs and then tweaking them slightly if needed, to fit each individual customers needs. I have a huge data base of magic boards, which I can scale up or down in size. My goal is to make consistent, quality, high performance boards. I also strive to provide exceptional service by offering fast turnaround, reasonable pricing and personal service.

The difficulty of hand shaping canít be overstated and traditional shapers are truly master craftsmen. Even finish shaping a machine cut board requires a tremendous amount of skill and I outsource this work to the best in the business. Further, I pay about 25% more to have my boards finish shaped because I believe the standard industry wage is too low considering the importance of this service.

I build with the following materials...
Cores: PU, EPS, EPP
Cloths: Glass, Carbon, Kevlar
Resins: Polyester, Epoxy, Vinylester

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Octopus Surfboards

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